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Profit rates for each download of your files

Why pay money for extra storage space, when you can host all of your files with us, and earn money off of those files. MegaFirez offers a few different ways to monetize the traffic of your unique and original content which you own the rights for. We have pay per download (PPD) program, where you get paid based off of the number of downloads your content receives.

We guarantee for our payments! You will not only get super attractive provision for new customers - we do also pay you for every recurring order from existing MegaFirez customers! You can easily increase your revenue with our excellent banners!

A $40.00 United States, United Kingdom
B $10.00 Netherlands, Germany, France, Canada, Australia
C $5.00 Spain, Iran
D $3.00 Other


  • Unlimited Storage
  • Unlimited Downloads
  • Unlimited Upload
  • Unlimited Download Speed
  • Files Never Deleted

High Speed Upload and Download Remote Desktop Feature (Large file upload with few minutes)

We offer remote desktop login to who bring more traffic to MegaFirez

1.High speed upload (2gb per 3min)
2.High Speed Download (2gb per 2min)

With your normal internet connection you can connect to remote desktop (like windows) with remote desktop you can upload or download files within 2min of around 2gb. we will provide remote desktop ip with login information. For more info please Contact here

Start making money with your files.